School Returns Usain Bolt’s $20-million Donation

The Rio 2016 Olympics Games are over but news surrounding the games seem not to be ending anytime soon especially those related to Usain Bolt; from Brazilian women to the London partying and hanging around with pretty ladies.

According to Bolt, the $20-million was all what he made from the games and did not want to keep a coin for himself but to donate towards the school’s sports activities.

The school authorities had earlier on accepted the donation, thanked the world’s fastest runner and said “he sets records both on track and in humanitarian works” but has returned it early wednesday morning.

No reason has been given for the rejection but the authorities have promised a media briefing later in the week.

As part of the donations, Bolt also mentioned that he would be visiting the school once a month until the end of  next year to help train the students in athletics.

“William Knibb player an integral role in the athlete that I am today so anytime they call, or anything I can do to give back, I am more than happy,” Bolt acknowledged.

Usain Bolt becomes the first athlete to make a donation in cash with such amount and the school becomes the first donor recipient to reject a donation of such amount.