Movie Confidential: ’50s bestseller

In the mid-’50s, one of the bestselling entertainment magazines was Movie Confidential, whose main selling point was actors, actresses and other showbiz celebrities confiding ‘secrets’ and ‘wishes’ and other exclusives to the public. The magazine was a copy of sorts of more ‘scandalous and sensational’ Hollywood publications.

‘All the news about the movies,’ the magazine was hyped.

Consider the cover stories.

I don’t want trouble but… Fernando Poe Jr.

What is the truth about their (Romeo Vasquez and Amalia Fuentes) reported secret marriage?

I was an Allied Gang member — Carlos Salazar.
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Three weeks without Gloria (Romero) is like hell — Luis Gonzales.

Why is the boy (Diomedes Maturan) with a golden voice the ‘big hoax’? — RKC