Mauritius Shamed As “The Most Unfriendly Country” In The World

Mauritius has been named the most unfriendly country in the world by the World Tourism Organization.

According to the report released by the organization, Mauritius has the highest deportation rate in the world and only 2% of nationals of Africa countries are allowed entry into the country.

The country has simplified visa procedures and has bilateral visa agreements with many countries to enable nationals of these countries visit each other on visa-free basis.

Many travel lovers in Africa had love to take advantage of this visa policy to explore the beauty of Mauritius but immigration procedures at the point of entry do not exhibit anything like visa-free or hassle-free travel as agreed between the two countries.

The report said that, about 98% of tourist arrivals from Africa in Mauritius are deported for no seeming reason.

Mauritius pretends to be inviting, friendly and made the world believe that they have simple immigration procedures, especially for commonwealth countries. They even claim to be issuing passports for commonwealth countries that stay continuously for a year or two.

Mauritius is only luring the world with their bilateral visa policies to enable its nationals travel to other countries with ease. Nationals of Mauritius visit almost all African countries without a visa but deny nationals from these countries entries into their country.