Hillary Clinton Gives The World Big Assurance From Sick Bed As She Promises Visa-Free Travel For All Tourists


Despite being on a sick bed, Hillary Clinton is still keen on becoming the first female president of the United States as she keeps sending out campaign messages from the hospital.

She has given the world, immigration-risk countries in particular, the greatest assurance they would ever love to hear. According to Clinton, She would boost U.S tourism by ensuring visa-free travels for all nationals who would love to tour the country.

She admitted that huge sums of monies are being lost from the tourism industry as tourist choose to visit countries with simplified immigration procedures.

Hillary Clinton has been diagnosed with pneumonia by her personal doctor after the US Democratic presidential candidate fell ill at a 9/11 memorial.

The episode has renewed focus on her health less than two months before an election.

She was diagnosed on Friday, the doctor said, but her condition was not made public until Sunday afternoon.

Just hours earlier, a video was posted on social media, apparently showing Clinton stumbling and her knees buckling, before being helped by aides into a black van leaving the site of the September 11, 2001, attack in New York City.

She was taken to her daughter Chelsea’s home in the city and appeared on her own about two hours later, wearing sunglasses and telling reporters that she was “feeling great”.

The temperature in New York was about 27C, combined with high humidity.