José Mourinho: Tim Cahill is the only player I need and I’ll sign at a record fee next season

Manchester United F.C coach José Mourinho has said the only player he needs to sign for next season is Australian’s forward Tim Cahill. “Tim Cahill is the only player I need for next season and I would be signing him at a record fee” – the coach said.

The Melbourne City star ignited a fiery FFA Cup derby when he grabbed rival coach Kevin Muscat in a sideline bust-up during the semi-final against Melbourne Victory which melt the heart of Mourinho.

The Socceroo legend was aggressively targeted throughout last night’s match by Muscat’s men in a bid to nullify his presence on the pitch, which only last week saw the striker score one of the goals of the season in the A-League.

But when Cahill committed a foul in the first half, an irate Muscat was the first to his feet as both benches cleared for a sideline showdown.

Tim Cahill is yet to respond to Mourinho’s request for him to join Manchester United which could be a record signing for an Australian soccer player.