ICC Invites William Ruto Again As New Evidence Pops Up

THE HAGUE — The International Criminal Court (ICC) has sent an invitation to Kenya’s deputy president William Ruto to re-appear before the courts after new evidence of his terminated trial has emerged.

The ICC terminated the case against Ruto and ended his trial on April 2016, saying there was insufficient evidence he was involved in deadly violence that erupted after his country’s 2007 presidential election but have re-invited him due to the popping up of new evidence.

The presiding judge wrote in a statement that ”this evidence is serious and it calls for a re-sit”.

The ICC is noted to be fair in justice delivery as they have admitted defeat on two occasions in its attempts to prosecute the alleged ringleaders of the violence that left more than 1,000 people dead and forced 600,000 from their homes in Kenya.

Ruto was charged alongside broadcaster Joshua Sang with murder, deportation and persecution for their alleged leading roles in the violence. The case against Sang was also closed but it has not yet been established of he would also be invited.

Supporters of the men cheered the courts previous decision, while human rights activists lamented that the victims of the violence had been denied justice which have made many suggested that human rights activists might have provided substantial evidence to the court this time around.

A case against President Uhuru Kenyatta on similar charges collapsed in December 2014 amid prosecution claims of interference with witnesses and non-cooperation by authorities in Nairobi but not yet known if he would also be invited.

Source: The Press Release