Donald Trump walks out of executive order signing ceremony – without signing any orders

Donald Trump has stormed out of an executive order signing ceremony without signing the orders after being questioned over Michael Flynn and Russia.

Exactly a week after his vow to “repeal and replace” Obamacare imploded in Congress, the President told assembled reporters he was going to “get down to some serious business”.

The two executive orders, sitting on his desk in the Oval Office, aimed to put his drive for American trade and manufacturing jobs back at the top of the agenda, ordering a study into the cause of US trade deficits and a crackdown on import duty evasion.

“We’re going to investigate all trade abuses, and, based on those findings, we will take necessary and lawful action to end those many abuses,” Mr Trump said, before handing over to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and National Trade Council Director Peter Navarro.

But after Mike Pence hailed a “great day for the American economy” in a planned speech, Mr Trump took back the podium to cut the event short.

“Thank you everybody, you’re going to see some very, very strong results very, very quickly – thank you very much,” he said, before swiftly walking towards the door.

Mr Pence gave him a passing tap on the arm as other attendees at the signing ceremony appeared confused, with Mr Trump flashing a thumbs up before leaving the Oval Office.