BREAKING: Queen Elizabeth II hands over crown as she retires

It has been confirmed Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is set to retire on February 06, 2017 exactly her 65th anniversary since she ascended the throne and has chosen to pass the crown over to Prince William.

She is the longest reigning monarch in the UK giving up the throne in favor of her grandson, Prince William, bypassing her eldest son and heir apparent, Prince Charles.

While according to the order of succession to the British throne, Prince Charles may come to the throne if his mother, Queen Elizabeth abdicates, retires, or passes away, the Queen cannot automatically pass the crown over to her grandson, Prince William, unless she compels Prince Charles to abdicate in favor of his son.

Sources confirm the Queen has finally convinced Prince Charles 66 to accept her decision. Although Prince Charles reportedly found the Queen’s decision difficult to accept, he has gradually bent to her will and way of thinking.
The Queen’s rationale over bypassing Charles has to do with the practical decision of turning over the reins to William is to keep the royal family “relevant and vital” by skipping over to a younger generation for the monarchy. According to Queen Elizabeth II, her subjects prefer Prince William on the throne over Prince Charles any day.

Whispers over Charles being passed over have been circulating Buckingham Palace in the last few years, but no one ever expected it to happen.

An official announcement will be made on Christmas eve, with William’s coronation at Westminster Abbey scheduled exactly on the day the Queen celebrates her 65th anniversary in February next year.