BREAKING: Pope Launches New Bible And Endorses Same-sex Marriage

After years of wandering around as to accept same-sex marriage or not, the Pope has not been able to give a definite answer on his stand on the issue due to verses in the scriptures that speak against the act.

The Pope has on early Saturday morning launched a new translation of the Holy Scriptures in an unannounced meeting of selected Archbishops, Bishops and fathers around the globe.

The translation, which is named “The Last Hour Translation of The Holy Scriptures” is inspired by Catholicism and also have 66 books just as the original Hebrew and Greek scriptures.

Verses that speak against same-sex marriages have been removed fromĀ  “The last Hour Translation of The Holy Scriptures” and few others have been modified to suit the belief of the Pope and his followers.

Bible Commentators have suggested that the new translation by the Pope was assisted by Harper Collins, the publisher of “The Joy Of Gay Sex” , a satanic scriptures. Harper Collins has been reported to have acquired The New International Version and have removed various verses and also turned down others.

Our Vatican reporter would be updating this post with shots from the newly launched Bible.