BREAKING: China cancels alliance with Philippines over Duterte’s comments in Japan

BEIJING – China has cancelled any alliance its having with the Philippines after the President Rodrigo Duterte gave his assurances to Japan Wednesday that his high-profile visit to rival power China last week was all about economics.

The China president, Xi Jinping, says Duterte has “stabbed him in the back”. “Duterte came here and we spoke alot more than just economics. We built ties above trading.” – Xi Jinping said.

President Duterte had earlier on in Japan denied infront of Japanese businessmen that he only visited China for economic reasons as he’s quoted: “You know I went to China for a visit. And I would like to assure you that all there was economics. We did not talk about arms. We avoided talking about alliances …” he told Japanese businessmen.

According to Chinese President, the two spoke about alliance in several arreas and Duterte’s denial could be a threat to China’s security in future. “As such we cancel any form of alliance and corperations we’ve entered with the Philippines” – The chinese president said.

Calling Japan a “long-standing friend and ally,” Duterte also called for Japanese investment in infrastructure, agriculture and other sectors.

Duterte said he did not pick quarrels with his neighbors, but had tough words for Washington, threatening once again to revise or cancel Manila’s defense pacts with the United States and insisting the Philippines was not “a dog on a leash.”

“I have declared that I will pursue an independent foreign policy. I want, maybe in the next two years, my country free of the presence of foreign military troops. I want them out,” he said. “And if I have to revise or abrogate agreements, executive agreements, this shall be the last maneuver, war games between the United States and the Philippines military.”

Duterte’s visit to Japan comes amid jitters about his foreign policy objectives after weeks of verbal attacks on ally the United States and overtures towards China.

“I would like to make it clear to everybody that we do not pick quarrels with our friends and neighbors but to me it is high time that the president stands up to his dignity as a people,” he added.

The acid-tongued leader arrived in Tokyo Tuesday on his first visit to Japan since taking office June 30 — and immediately continued a tirade against long-time ally the US begun earlier in the day.

Duterte has vehemently criticized Washington for questioning his crime crackdown, which has claimed some 3,700 lives and attracted widespread international criticism — but has also sent the 71-year-old former mayor’s domestic popularity soaring.

He has insulted President Barack Obama, calling him the “son of a whore” and saying the Philippines can live without US assistance, though he walked back a statement in Beijing last week announcing a “separation” from the US.