Andrew Holness Tops List Of Prime Ministers and Presidents Who Would Win Elections Any Day

The Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness has topped a list of presidents and prime ministers who would win elections at any day or any time it is organized, reports Swiss Daily.

The report was put together by Swiss based NGO Democratic World Foundation with assistance from the United Nations Political Forum.

The report listed names of Presidents around the globe who are likely to win elections anytime its being organised due to the support from the masses of citizens in their respective countries.

The report noted that, most of the presidents who made it to the top are voted in power into power regardless of their performances due to the fact that voters choices are influenced by tribes and commitment to particular political party.

Some of the presidents who made it to the top would elections at any day because they conduct elections in a way that limits the opposition’s involvement in electoral procedures which aids rigging among the ruling parties.

The criteria at which Andrew Holness falls under was not mentioned by the report.