Andi Eigenmann breaks silence: Respect my daughter’s privacy

MANILA, Philippines – Actress Andi Eigenmann wants to protect the privacy of her daughter Ellie.

In a statement released on Friday, the “Camp Sawi” star asked the public to put her daughter’s paternity issue to rest.

Here is the complete statement of the actress:

“Recent events have put my daughter Ellie into the limelight with the media, netizens, and strangers questioning who her father is. I made a conscious choice not to talk about the paternity of my daughter in order to protect the privacy of Ellie.”

“Although she was born into a showbiz family, as a mother, I would like to shield her from the intrigues and gossip that are part of the industry. Growing up, Ellie knew who her father was and he has been there for her, and that’s all that matters. I hope this will put the issue to rest, out of concern for my very young daughter. I’m requesting everyone to respect the privacy of Ellie.”

Last week, Andi’s half-sister Max Eigenmann revealed that Jake Ejercito is Ellie’s biological father in an episode of the radio program “Good Times With Mo.”
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“They did a (DNA) test… Yeah, he’s (Jake) the dad,” Max told disc jockey Mo Twister.

In August, Kapamilya actor Albie Casiño said he felt relieved after an alleged DNA test revealed that he’s not the real father of Andi’s daughter Ellie.

Andi denied that such test happened.